10 Awesome Tips for Learning Multiplication Facts FAST

10 multiplication strategies for memorizing times tables

When kids are learning multiplication facts, just a few really stellar multiplication tricks can make ALL the difference. Learning multiplication times tables can feel hugely overwhelming. A third-grader presented with a multiplication chart is looking at 144 math facts to be learned! Luckily, these 10 smart strategies can help kids move quickly through the times tables, more quickly than they … Read More

How Many Donuts In A Giant Krispy Kreme Box? A Sweet Math Challenge

giant Krispy Kreme donut box math challenge

Here’s a math challenge you can really sink your teeth into. In 2014, Krispy Kreme created a giganto donut box for some serious donut lovers. The question, of course is OMG, HOW MANY DONUTS ARE IN THAT BOX?? Ready to take on the challenge? How many donuts are in the box?  Here are a couple more clues if you need … Read More

The 52 Best Math Books For Kids 2017-2018: The Ultimate Resource Guide

If “math books for kids” makes you think of boring classroom textbooks, you’re in for a happy surprise! There is a whole new genre of math children’s books for grades K-5 that are capturing kids’ hearts and imaginations–just as great stories always have done. Some of these don’t seem like math books at all. Stories of magic pots or money … Read More

Pigs In A Pen: A Multiplication Game for Kids

free multiplication game for kids

It’s hard to find a good multiplication game for kids that goes beyond times tables memorization and actually teaches the concept of what multiplication means. Pigs In A Pen is my go-to game for introducing to the idea of multiplication as adding equal groups. Kids really like the tactile nature of this game, counting out rubber bands and “gems”. Older kids … Read More