3 Things Every Child Should Know About Math Mistakes

Way too many girls are scared to death of making math mistakes. If your girl cries at math time, makes excuses when she gets a problem wrong, hides her work, refuses to keep trying, or seems anxious and stressed, the culprit is likely her fear of making a mistake. She is telling herself a story inside her head that goes … Read More

The REAL Reason Girls Say They’re Bad At Math

the real reason girls say they're bad at math

It’s a little shocking when you hear a gap-toothed 6-year-old girl say, “I’m bad at math!” Tragically, it’s not uncommon for girls as young as 1st or 2nd grade to start saying they’re no good at math. By 4th grade, most of her peers will be saying the same thing. But here’s the crazy part: she will continue to believe … Read More