Awesome Algebra Games for Kids

algebra games for kids

Algebra games can help even young children make sense of complex ideas about number relationships. I’ve got two games I think you and your kids are going to LOVE…but first we should probably answer an important question: what is algebra, anyway? What is Algebra? Algebra is more than just “math with letters”. Elementary kids are ready to grapple with these important … Read More

The Best Math Bingo Game Ever

best math bingo game for kids

Today I played a new math bingo game with a class of 4th and 5th graders that literally had the kids jumping out of their chairs, they were so excited! I thought to myself, ok, when you see kids yelling “ooh ooh ooh!” with hands in the air so they can share a math problem they’ve just created, you know … Read More

The 52 Best Math Books For Kids 2017-2018: The Ultimate Resource Guide

If “math books for kids” makes you think of boring classroom textbooks, you’re in for a happy surprise! There is a whole new genre of math children’s books for grades K-5 that are capturing kids’ hearts and imaginations–just as great stories always have done. Some of these don’t seem like math books at all. Stories of magic pots or money … Read More

Clumsy Thief: A Cartoony Card Game For Adding Big Numbers

Clumsy Thief is a wacky, cartoony math game that kids will beg to play–and also happens to be amazingly effective at teaching kids to mentally add big numbers. There are two versions (both of them awesome) that teach mental addition. The original game teaches kids number pairs that add to 100. The newer game, Clumsy Thief In The Candy Store, … Read More

Math Music: Surprising Discoveries from a Water Xylophone

how to make a xylophone with water glasses

This year in Math Quest camp, I decided to teach the kids how to make a xylophone with glasses of water, mixing music and math. It was even more awesome (and easier) than I’d expected! I loved how this activity mixed music, math, science and technology, and was fun and challenging for kids of all ages. You don’t need fancy … Read More

Pay The Difference: A Subtraction Game With a Money Twist

counting money game & subtraction game

This cool subtraction game gets played a lot in my house. It packs in a ton of learning, and it’s a game kids really, really like. (The fact that it uses REAL MONEY probably has something to do with it.) Kids will compare numbers, mentally subtract to find out “how much more”, count coins, and understand the concept of subtraction as difference … Read More

101 Awesome Math Activities For Kids To Do At Home

101 math activities for kids

The best math activities for kids are the ones that don’t actually feel like math! 🙂 Kids love to explore: to find out how big, how heavy, what shape, how much, how many…so why not use play and discovery to help kids learn (and love) math? Here are 101 awesome math activities for kids that feel like play, are great for holidays or … Read More

Is Your Child On Track For Math?

elementary math assessments

Is your child on track for math? Are you sure? A report card can only tell you so much. It gives you an overview of how your child is doing, but what you really need to know is whether there are weak spots–holes or gaps in your child’s understanding–and how to make those stronger. Learning math is like building a … Read More

Top 10 Best Math Apps For Kids in 2016

best elementary math apps

How does one pick the top 10 best math apps for kids in grades K-5, with all those zillions of apps to choose from? You set the bar HIGH. After much searching and testing (and playing), I found ten great math apps that met all or most of my pretty stringent requirements: –It’s fun and kids love it. –It does a … Read More