Welcome to the Printables and Resources page for Miss Brain’s Cool Math Games! 

Most of the Miss Brain games need only dice or cards to play, but some need a special game board or math tools. On this page, you’ll find everything you need.

First, make sure you have dice and cards! If you don’t, you can get them here on Amazon.

Miss Brain's Cool Math Games math printables

Miss Brain’s Cool Math Games, book 1

To play the games in book 1 (for kids in grades K-2), you will need:

Hundred Chart: Mystery Number, Dimes or Pennies, Race to Zero, Skip Count Squares

Place Value Mat: Biggie Number, Add It On

Base Ten Blocks: Biggie Number, Add It On

Fraction Cards: Don’t Go Over

Fraction Strips: Fraction Strips, Don’t Go Over

Graph Paper: Crowded Rectangles

Miss Brain’s Cool Math Games, book 2

To play the games in book 2 (for kids in grades 3-5), you will need:

Hundred Chart: Teeny, Factors and Multiples

Fraction Strips: Zero, Half, or One?, Fraction Face-Off, Copycat

Multiplication Chart: might be helpful in some multiplication games

Number Line: Roundit

Decimal Cards: Decimal Line-Up

Connect Four Board: Connect Four

2-3-5 Game Board: 2-3-5 Game

Place Value Spinner: Texas Round Up

Number Factory Board: Number Factory

Roller Spaces Board: Roller Spaces

Pizza Game Board: Pizza Game

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