We believe that math classes should spark curiosity, create excitement, and build confidence—while helping kids learn skills quickly and joyfully, in a way that makes sense.

happy girls in Artful Math classes

We put a lot of value on having fun with math–which is why our after school math classes are filled with color, games, and intriguing objects that kids may forget to think of as math.

Multiples Towers game: Artful Math classes

What looks like play actually involves kids doing complex calculations in their head–but they are so engrossed in the challenge, it doesn’t feel like work.

coin counting game from Artful Math classes

Parents will find it strange and wonderful that their child, who weeks ago was saying, “I’m bad at math!” now can’t wait to go to math classes (and may even whine a bit when it’s time to go home).

What We Do: A Different Approach To Math

Some ways of teaching math rely on memorizing rules and simply telling kids “how to do the math”. This may seem faster and “simpler”, but in fact it makes for a shaky foundation and sets kids up for failure later.

When kids don’t understand what math means, it’s very hard to apply what they’ve learned to solve real problems or to make the connection to harder math later on.

multiplication game from Artful Math classes

When math is dependent on memory alone, kids often feel anxious and think they are bad at math because it makes no sense to them.

At Artful Math, we go deeper, infusing math with meaning so memorization is just one of many spokes in the wheel. We make it fun and engaging so kids feel motivated, excited and confident about math.

geometry 3D toothpick shapes in Artful Math classes

Children learn to visualize math and solve problems in their head. They learn mental shortcuts that make more sense and are even faster than solving on paper.

Kids learn to see word problems as puzzles, and they begin to look for math in their world. They even start to enjoy the challenge of a tricky problem, because they know they can do it.

playing a number game in Artful Math classes

By exploring math through pictures, objects, stories, puzzles, patterns, literature, and games, kids build a multi-layered understanding of numbers that goes far beyond simply memorizing a math rule.

place value mat and blocks in Artful Math classes

Bring A Math Club Or Class To Your School

Do you live in the San Francisco south bay area, between Palo Alto and San Jose? We may be able to host an after school event, math lab, or enrichment class at your school.

Popular topics for elementary grades include: Hands-On Algebra, Nature Math, Alice In Wonderland Math, and special topics in Geometry, Fractions, Place Value or Multiplication.

Classes are hands-on and play-based.


Contact Kelli to bring an Artful Math club or class to your school. 

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