Are you looking for a better way for your child to learn math? Math Circles engage kids in intensive, joy-filled math explorations that help your child develop number sense, deep concept understanding, math skills mastery, and advanced problem solving a context of discovery and play.

Participants in each Artful Math Circle will receive: 

  • meaningful math discovery sessions for deep concept learning 
  • inquiry-led math investigations
  • laser-focused games for skills mastery
  • mental math strategies
  • low floor, high ceiling challenges (accessible to beginners, but challenging for advanced learners)
  • growth mindset framework to build persistence and put an end to math anxiety
  • problem solving and real-world math contexts
  • a new math focus each month 

In addition, parents will receive a monthly support kit with explanations of math strategies, tips for helping with math, and games to reinforce that month's math learning. 

I am offering a very limited number of 2-hour Math Circles after school in the south bay and Portola Valley. Each private Math Circle is individualized to meet the needs of your child's group, and follows the Artful Math framework for comprehensive, inquiry-based, meaningful math learning. 


Math Circles are available for kids in grades 1-6 in the south bay (from San Jose to Portola Valley). 

2-5 kids: Price for a private group is $400 for each 2-hour weekly session, divided among the participants.

6-8 kids: Price is $480 for each 2-hour weekly session, divided among the participants.

Math Circles will kick off in September and spaces will be filled on a first-come, first-served basis. Contact to set up a Math Circle for your child. 

Artful Math Circle FAQ

How is this different from tutoring? 

Traditional tutoring is focused on homework help and teaching kids how to do the math--usually in time for the next test. This patchwork approach to math leaves kids confused and dependent on memorization, and backfires when kids try to solve more complex problems later on. 

Artful Math is a comprehensive system for deep math learning. When your child participates in a Math Circle, she will build her own understanding through exploration and inquiry, so learning sticks. She'll build a strong foundation of math concepts and be able to think through complex problems using math reasoning--not just memorize a rule for a test. 

Will this prepare my child for the ISEE? 

Yes and no. What your child learns in Math Circle will almost certainly help your child do better on tests down the road, especially in tricky test questions that involve reasoning and problem solving. However, Math Circle is NOT test prep. I do not teach quick memorization tricks at the expense of understanding, as these methods often backfire later on and interfere with real learning. 

How can my child get the most out of a Math Circle? 

  1. For maximum impact, aim for a group size of 3 to 5 kids.  
  2. Group kids in similar grade levels; such a group can go deeper together than a group with a wide range of math levels. 
  3. Attend Math Circle throughout the entire school year, if possible. Each month we will investigate a different math area, so at the end of the year kids will have a deep understanding of all math topics.  
  4. Bring water and a healthy snack to keep your child sharp and energized. 
  5. Play each month's math games at home to keep skills strong.

What happens in a typical Math Circle? 

Each Math Circle includes a carefully blended mix of hands-on learning, concept exploration, problem solving, high-level challenges, skills practice, and enrichment. Two hours will fly by! Kids experience Math Circle as time of fun "puzzles", "tricks", and "games" that help them get better at math.

Who will be leading my child's Math Circle? 

Kelli Pearson is the founder of Artful Math and author of Miss Brain’s Cool Math Games. She is a creative and dynamic teacher with more than 25 year’s teaching experience and a passion for helping kids become masterful mathematicians through inquiry and play.

Kelli specializes in helping girls find joy and wonder in math.  

She developed the Artful Math method as a way to reach creative kids who are not able to connect with math in traditional ways. The Artful Math method is a visual, meaningful way of experiencing math that engages your child in deep math learning through inquiry, exploration, problem solving, and play.