Kelli Pearson math camps

What an amazing time we had at our 2017 Summer Math Camps! Here is a snapshot of some of the cool things we did…

Bubble Math

Learn about diameter, circumference, and radius as you measure giganto, hemisphere-shaped bubbles. Make a square or hexagon-shaped bubble, and even 3D shapes like cubes and pyramid bubbles. Make 3D-shaped bubble blowers and see what shape bubbles they can make.

Mirror and Shadow Math

Trace and measure your shadow as it changes through the day. Predict what it will do next: will it get taller? Fatter? Move to a different spot? Read time with a homemade sun dial, explore symmetry with mirrors, and learn about geometry as you make a cool kaleidoscope!

Music Math

Use fractions and measurement to make a water xylophone, then tune it on the piano to learn what scale it’s in. Clap and sing in rhythms, and use math to make your music even better. Explore the science of pitch and use a bee’s buzzing to find out how many times it beats its wings every second.

World of Giants 

What size would you be if you were a giant 5 times your size? How big would a giant baby be? Draw your giant foot to scale using graph paper proportions. Then learn about the world’s smallest animals (we are giants to them!).

Nature Math

Hear the story of Leonardo Fibonacci, then go on a nature walk to search for math in flowers and pinecones. Use math to draw a Fibonacci spiral that looks exactly like a snail shell, and use fuzzy puff balls to solve his ancient rabbit puzzle.


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Camp Testimonials

“I love your approach to Math and I love that you are so enthusiastic and help them see that Math is all around them and is fun!  [My daughter] has already listed all the games you played in Math camp on her wish list for her birthday and Christmas. You have no idea how awesome I think that is. You are one amazing teacher!!” –Krista Mizusaki

“This was my kids’ first summer camp experience and they really enjoyed it!  I appreciated that Kelli’s awesome camp structure kept my kids’ creative juices flowing from morning to night, and they loved having the freedom to explore and let their interests guide them.” –Robyn Eubanks

“I loved that you held the camp in a home environment.  I think it gave a more relaxed feel to the experience for the kids.  It made learning fun and it was taught by someone who obviously loves kids and has great energy.  I would recommend this camp definitely because it’s the right mix of learning and fun.” –Deborah Hecht

“My kids loved the laid back, playful approach to camp in a home setting. Compared to other camps, the kids did not complain about the camp being too long, and they even continued to play creatively after it was overWith no prompts from me, my kids have spent the whole afternoon building boardwalk rides for their stuffed animals in their room. Thank you, Kelli!” –Amy Bolanos