Top 10 Best Math Apps For Kids in 2016

best elementary math apps

How does one pick the top 10 best math apps for kids in grades K-5, with all those zillions of apps to choose from? You set the bar HIGH. After much searching and testing (and playing), I found ten great math apps that met all or most of my pretty stringent requirements: –It’s fun and kids love it. –It does a … Read More

My Math Tutoring Disaster (How To Never Have This Happen To You)

math tutoring disaster and how to avoid it

Yesterday I helped a 13-year-old boy with math. It was bad–really bad. I thought I could help him. After all, math is my thing. Seriously, I’ve written books on the topic, invented math games, done plenty of math tutoring…I even train teachers! Surely I could help an 8th grader, right? Nope. Everyone has their “genius zone”. Mine is helping people … Read More

30 Amazing Quotes About Learning

great learning quotes for teachers and parents

I love quotes about learning. They always inspire me, and sometimes help me look at the world through different eyes. You might wonder what some of these quotes have to do with a site about math! But this is Artful Math, remember. We do things a little differently around here. We KNOW that math can go with ideas like: being … Read More

How To Help Your Child Understand Math
(In 10 Minutes Or Less!)

You’ve tried to help with math homework. You’ve explained it over and over, but all you get is a blank stare: “I don’t get it!” Your kid’s not the only one who’s confused… Your child’s homework sure doesn’t look like the math YOU learned in school. There might be a few teeny things you’ve forgotten (cough*long division*cough). And yes, there really are more word problems in … Read More

The Ultimate Christmas MATH Treasure Hunt

ultimate math christmas treasure hunt

Christmas is magic to kids! Here’s a cool Christmas treasure hunt to take that delight to a whole other level–and even sneak in a little math learning! It’s the perfect excuse for kids to spend even more time with the piney tree, glittery lights, sugary cookies and examine all those amazing gifts just waiting to be ripped open! Kids will … Read More