The Perimeter Game: A Hands-On Geometry Game

the geometry game for learning area and perimeter

This perimeter geometry game was inspired by this short conversation with a 4th grader: Me: What’s perimeter? 4th grader: It’s where when the two sides are the same, then you um, I mean you times them by two. Me: Ok…I see where you’re going with that. But what does perimeter mean? 4th grader: I know, but I can’t really explain it. A … Read More

Pay The Difference: A Subtraction Game With a Money Twist

counting money game & subtraction game

This cool subtraction game gets played a lot in my house. It packs in a ton of learning, and it’s a game kids really, really like. (The fact that it uses REAL MONEY probably has something to do with it.) Kids will compare numbers, mentally subtract to find out “how much more”, count coins, and understand the concept of subtraction as difference … Read More

Pigs In A Pen: A Multiplication Game for Kids

free multiplication game for kids

It’s hard to find a good multiplication game for kids that goes beyond times tables memorization and actually teaches the concept of what multiplication means. Pigs In A Pen is my go-to game for introducing to the idea of multiplication as adding equal groups. Kids really like the tactile nature of this game, counting out rubber bands and “gems”. Older kids … Read More

Money Bags Game: A Kid Favorite for Counting Money

Money Bags game review

The Money Bags game by Learning Resources is a teacher’s and a parent’s dream: it helps kids learn counting money and other math skills, is quick and easy to play, it works with mixed ages, and kids seriously love this game. Read my review of Money Bags (after 3 years of playing it with kids), learn how to play it, and … Read More

Fibonacci In Nature: A Math Exploration For Kids

Fibonacci for kids

One of the coolest ways to show kids math in the real world is to introduce them to Fibonacci in nature! Fibo-whaaat? you might ask. The Fibonacci sequence is a series of numbers that follows a math pattern so simple that even a first grader can follow it. Here’s how it works… Nature’s Secret Number Code Take a look at … Read More

The REAL Reason Girls Say They’re Bad At Math

the real reason girls say they're bad at math

It’s a little shocking when you hear a gap-toothed 6-year-old girl say, “I’m bad at math!” Tragically, it’s not uncommon for girls as young as 1st or 2nd grade to start saying they’re no good at math. By 4th grade, most of her peers will be saying the same thing. But here’s the crazy part: she will continue to believe … Read More

The Parent’s Must-Have Guide to Math Help For Kids

math help for kids: a guide for parents

Math help for kids is harder than it sounds, especially when it’s your own kid. No matter how hard you try to explain, it only makes things worse. Here’s a little secret: trying to explain math to your child is one of the least helpful things you can do. When your child feels stuck and is frustrated, it’s not just because she … Read More

101 Awesome Math Activities For Kids To Do At Home

101 math activities for kids

The best math activities for kids are the ones that don’t actually feel like math! 🙂 Kids love to explore: to find out how big, how heavy, what shape, how much, how many…so why not use play and discovery to help kids learn (and love) math? Here are 101 awesome math activities for kids that feel like play, are great for holidays or … Read More

Is Your Child On Track For Math?

elementary math assessments

Is your child on track for math? Are you sure? A report card can only tell you so much. It gives you an overview of how your child is doing, but what you really need to know is whether there are weak spots–holes or gaps in your child’s understanding–and how to make those stronger. Learning math is like building a … Read More

Fractals In Nature: Math Is Beautiful!

nature fractals, what is a fractal

I love, love, love finding fractals in nature. I’m a bit of a math geek and hippy nature lover, and several times a week I go on what I like to call Math Walks, where I search for math in nature. Fractals are my favorite. What’s a fractal, you ask? A fractal is a geometric shape or figure that is repeated within … Read More