How Many Donuts In A Giant Krispy Kreme Box? A Sweet Math Challenge

giant Krispy Kreme donut box math challenge

Here’s a math challenge you can really sink your teeth into.

In 2014, Krispy Kreme created a giganto donut box for some serious donut lovers.

The question, of course is OMG, HOW MANY DONUTS ARE IN THAT BOX??

All images: Krispy Kreme

Looks like it was a little tricky getting it into the truck.

Krispy Kreme donut math challenge

Ready to take on the challenge? How many donuts are in the box? 

Here are a couple more clues if you need them:

  • All the donuts are in one very big layer. Some are covered up by the packaging.
  • The box is 11.3 x 3 feet. One donut is 3.5 inches across.

Bonus Math Challenge

  • If it’s $8.00 for a dozen donuts, how much did this box cost?
  • What if they got 20% off for buying such a huge box?
  • A competitor thought about making a donut box that was 3 times as big. How many donuts would be in that box?

How did you figure out how many donuts were in the box? Write your strategy in the comments below!

how many donuts in a giant krispy kreme box

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