I KNEW I could count on you!

In a few minutes, you should receive an email from me to kick off your challenge. It will tell you all the different problems we’ll address together in the next week or two.

Things like math anxiety, trouble getting started, lack of motivation, word problems, and how to handle math mistakes.

The big problems won’t go away all at once, but I can guarantee that if you do all the tips in those emails, you WILL see improvement in the next few days. Look for:

  • letting go of anxiety, relaxed shoulders, a sense of calm (Challenge #5)
  • is not so scared of making a mistake (Challenge #4)
  • smiles/laughter while learning math (Challenge #3)
  • a happier overall vibe at math time

Sometimes a big problem can be solved with just a little tweak. Other times, your child’s challenges may take more time to solve, in which case the next couple of weeks will be a small step in that direction.

See you in your inbox… These next couple of weeks are going to be amazing!