3 Things Every Child Should Know About Math Mistakes

Way too many girls are scared to death of making math mistakes. If your girl cries at math time, makes excuses when she gets a problem wrong, hides her work, refuses to keep trying, or seems anxious and stressed, the culprit is likely her fear of making a mistake. She is telling herself a story inside her head that goes … Read More

10 Awesome Tips for Learning Multiplication Facts FAST

10 multiplication strategies for memorizing times tables

When kids are learning multiplication facts, just a few really stellar multiplication tricks can make ALL the difference. Learning multiplication times tables can feel hugely overwhelming. A third-grader presented with a multiplication chart is looking at 144 math facts to be learned! Luckily, these 10 smart strategies can help kids move quickly through the times tables, more quickly than they … Read More

The Parent’s Must-Have Guide to Math Help For Kids

math help for kids: a guide for parents

Math help for kids is harder than it sounds, especially when it’s your own kid. No matter how hard you try to explain, it only makes things worse. Here’s a little secret: trying to explain math to your child is one of the least helpful things you can do. When your child feels stuck and is frustrated, it’s not just because she … Read More

Is Your Child On Track For Math?

elementary math assessments

Is your child on track for math? Are you sure? A report card can only tell you so much. It gives you an overview of how your child is doing, but what you really need to know is whether there are weak spots–holes or gaps in your child’s understanding–and how to make those stronger. Learning math is like building a … Read More

My Math Tutoring Disaster (How To Never Have This Happen To You)

math tutoring disaster and how to avoid it

Yesterday I helped a 13-year-old boy with math. It was bad–really bad. I thought I could help him. After all, math is my thing. Seriously, I’ve written books on the topic, invented math games, done plenty of math tutoring…I even train teachers! Surely I could help an 8th grader, right? Nope. Everyone has their “genius zone”. Mine is helping people … Read More

How To Help Your Child Understand Math
(In 10 Minutes Or Less!)

You’ve tried to help with math homework. You’ve explained it over and over, but all you get is a blank stare: “I don’t get it!” Your kid’s not the only one who’s confused… Your child’s homework sure doesn’t look like the math YOU learned in school. There might be a few teeny things you’ve forgotten (cough*long division*cough). And yes, there really are more word problems in … Read More