Happy little girl plays online in an after school math club
Playing a game with friends in online Math Circle

Your daughter thinks she’s bad at math…and it breaks your heart!

“I can’t do it!” she wails, as you wrack your brain for a way to help her that doesn’t make everything worse!

You’ve tried explaining how to do the math, but it didn’t help. 😢

Any time a problem seems even a tiny bit hard, she just gives up and stops trying.

She’s angry, upset, and anxious–and her confidence is taking a hit.

Her “I hate math” days seem to be happening more and more often, and you desperately wish for someone to help her who isn’t you.

Hard way / easy way arrows -- Math Circles online math club can make math feel easier for both of you.

…What if instead of having to be the bad guy and make her do math, your child asks YOU to play math games

…Instead of your child panicking that she won’t be able to do it, she actually tackles a hard problem on her own

…You stop hearing, “I’m bad at math” and start hearing a confident, “I know how to do this!”

The trick is to make confidence and joy the priority. This makes math quicker to learn, easier to remember, and helps your child truly believe, “I’m good at math”.

It’s easier than you think! 😉

Kelli is phenomenal. I was afraid that my girl would have a fear of math like I did. She is soaring with math now! She absolutely loves it and can’t wait to see Kelli each week.

Ephi Lu

Introducing a new kind of after school math club…

"Math Circles: Joy-filled learning that makes math feel like play" [logo].

Math Circles are a fun, after school math club designed for creative thinkers, playful kids, and girls who think they’re bad at math.

Each week, your child will join a small group of peers online, together with an experienced teacher/mentor. She’ll explore math with games, puzzles, patterns, and art–all designed to help her feel joy and confidence in math!

Following the Artful Math Formula of “magic, meaning, mindset, and mastery”, she’ll get targeted practice to improve math skills, concepts, and problem solving in a context of discovery and play.

[Circle image with magic wand.]
MAGIC: Experience the magic of playful, creative, FUN math.
[Circle image with lightbulb]
MEANING: Discover patterns and meaning, so math makes sense
[Circle image with heart}
MINDSET: Work with a mentor to build confidence and a growth mindset
[Circle image with trophy]
MASTERY: Delight in learning and build an identity of being good at math

Math circle has been AMAZING for my daughter. It’s made her more confident and excited about math. She’s always telling us about the fun games & projects they do.

Marjel Sheuer

What Your Child Gets In Math Circle

  • A unique, creative way of learning that will make your child say, “It doesn’t FEEL like math!”
  • An experienced teacher and mentor who will listen closely to your child, work with her to find her unique learning style, and help her feel confident and successful
  • Weekly play-based lessons to help your child master concepts and skills that may have been holding her back
  • Growth mindset messages to give your child positive ways to think about struggle, mistakes, and being smart in math
  • A treasure trove of exciting games, activities, puzzles, and math art to make your child think “Hey, this is fun,” and “I’m good at math!”

UPDATE: Winter Math Circle is currently full.

Please join the waiting list for the next available Math Circle:

Have questions before you sign up? Contact Kelli at kelli@artfulmath.com, and let’s chat about math circles!

Kelli is hands-down the best math teacher we have ever known. My daughter’s skills have leaped forward, and her confidence and attitude about math were transformed. Kelli works magic!

Stacey Low

Math Circles FAQ

Are math circles held online or in person?

The math circles listed here will be offered online via Zoom. They are open to anyone with an internet connection.

Usually between 6 and 10 kids are in a math circle.

Math circles are intentionally designed with girls’ interests and needs in mind, but kids of any gender identity are welcome to join.

This is actually very common, which is why I never put kids on the spot in math circle. Kids can participate in problem solving in various ways that feel safe, such as working with a partner to find the answer together, sharing her answer via private chat so other kids can’t see it, or the option to “call on a friend” if she gets stuck.

Math circles can be a great way to fan the flame of your child’s excitement and love for math! We might want to talk about her joining a higher grade level math circle to offer a greater challenge.

Note that math circles are intentionally NOT competitive or speed driven, so if your child enjoys competing with peers, it may not be the best fit.

My first step would be to work with you to see if I can help. If after 2-3 sessions it’s still not feeling like a great fit, I’ll happily refund the remaining sessions. Not a problem!

  1. You’ll need to set up a Zoom account (if you don’t have one already): https://zoom.us/signup#/signup
  2. A few minutes before math circles start, click on the Zoom link I’ll send you.
  3. Your child will need to know how to mute and unmute, start and stop video, write in the chat, and click the button to leave the breakout room.

I’m also available to answer any questions you may have, and help if you get stuck.

  • Once I receive your payment, I’ll send you a link to fill out a registration form.
  • You’ll receive an email with everything you need to know before her first math circle.
  • Put math circles on your calendar. I’ll also send reminders.
  • Your child will attend math circles an hour each week, for 7 weeks.
  • I’ll share favorite math games in case you want to play them with your child at home.

Kelli Pearson is the founder of Artful Math, a company on a mission to help 1 million girls fall in love with math.

With 25 years experience in play-based learning, Kelli believes a deep understanding of math gives girls the confidence to dream boldly and share their gifts with the world.

Her books Kitten Math and Miss Brain’s Cool Math Games have made math fun for more than 10,000 kids worldwide.

Our “Happy Kid Guarantee”

Happy Kid Guarantee: If after two sessions your child doesn't connect with math circles, I'll refund the remaining sessions with a smile!

We’re proud of the major jump up in math our daughter has shown this year with your help. Her confidence is the biggest improvement of all. Not all teachers are created equal, you are definitely one of the best!!

Jenni Salter