Uncommonly creative math

Delightfully quirky. Irresistibly fun. We make the most of what kids love best, and turn math into a time of imagination, discovery, and play.

I hate math!

I’m bad at math!

You and your child are in tears at homework time…again. Seeing her so sad and confused makes your heart hurt.

She’s normally such a bubbly, happy kid. You’d give anything to be able to make math easier for her. She’s a fighter, but math makes her want to give up.

If only you could explain it in a way that helps her “get it”…and believe in herself again. More than anything, you want your child’s sparkle back. 

There’s no such thing as a kid who’s bad at math

Your child may say “I’m bad at math”, but there’s nothing wrong with your your child’s math mind. They just need to learn math differently.

Take the quiz to identify your child’s math learning style–and how to make the most of it!

Math is often taught as random facts, speed drills, and memorization.

This doesn’t work for some kids. They want to understand what math means and how to use it in real life.

When these kids are taught with pictures, patterns, and play, they positively shine in math!

Artful Math uses visuals, real-life scenarios, and games to make math make sense. These activities invite your child to notice and wonder–and come away with a deeper, more joyful understanding of math.

Hi, I’m Kelli.

For years math made me feel stupid and ashamed.

I really tried. I thought if I worked harder, or studied longer, I would finally get it…but numbers were slippery. They just wouldn’t stick in my brain.

Then I started worrying about being bad at math, and it got even worse. I’d get so stressed on tests that I’d freeze up and forget even the things I did know.

Then one day, I picked up a library book about math in nature. I was astounded to find that a sunflower, snail shell, and a seahorse’s tail were all connected by mathematical patterns.

It was the first time I’d ever thought about math in pictures. It felt like trying a different key in a door I’d never been able to open. I couldn’t believe how easy it was–and how fun!

So yeah, I’m a little bit obsessed with helping girls fall in love with math. I never get tired of that moment when their eyes light up, and things click into place for the very first time.