Our mission is to help children become confident,  enthusiastic, masterful math learners…ready to make their difference in the world.

About Artful Math: young girl

What We Do For Kids

  • We help children in grades K-5 tap into their natural strengths and use them as powerful tools for learning math.
  • We make math fun, so kids are excited and motivated to keep learning.
  • We help kids become confident that they can figure out challenging math problems, seeing mistakes as a natural part of moving closer to a solution.

What We Do For Parents

  • We help kids and parents relax and have fun with math at home.
  • We show you the best ways to help with math when homework looks intimidating or strange.
  • We connect you to a community of awesome parents who want to help their kids excel and to love math.

What We Do For Teachers and Homeschoolers

  • We share our best resources and insider tips on the best ways to use drawing, manipulatives, and play in your classroom.
  • We help you make math time more impactful, engaging, and fun!
  • We keep your teaching fresh with new activities and games that help your kids master new math skills.

What We Believe - Artful Math

My Story…

close upHi, I’m Kelli Pearson. I’m the founder of Artful Math.

I’ve been a teacher as long as I can remember, going on 20-something years now. I started out as a linguist, teaching ESL and literacy, then moved on to building science camps, family nights, children’s musicals and other fun stuff.

Math came much later. For many years I avoided math like the plague, actually. I was exceptionally bad at math, and clearly did not possess the “math gene”.

Which is why, years later, when a chance encounter with a library book rocked my world and turned me into a math lover (I’ll tell you that crazy story sometime), I realized that “bad at math” is a giant myth.

Some of us just need (or prefer?) to learn math a little differently. And trust me, it changes everything.

There’s a quote on my wall that says, “Be who you needed when you were younger.” There is nothing that makes me happier than seeing a child’s face light up with that dawning realization that THIS is how math works, that she CAN do it, and OMG–math is fun!


Is there an Artful Math curriculum I can use in my home school?

We’re working on it! We are releasing our first online video course in fall 2017 as a first step toward that goal.

Join our online community to be notified as soon as it’s available–and for lots of great free resources you can use now in your home school.

My child is gifted in math and I’m looking for ways to challenge her. Is Artful Math good for advanced learners as well? 

Artful Math is set up in a way that supports kids of all abilities. The great thing about guided math explorations is that kids can take it at their level and progress from there.

Here’s an example: two third-grade girls are using blocks to explore multiples on a hundreds chart. One of the girls is new to the idea of multiples, and is enjoying finding multiples of numbers up to ten.

multiples game: Artful Math classes

The other girl is quite advanced, really at a fourth grade level. She notices right away that there are patterns in the overlapping multiples, and wants to see if they continue. She fills in the second half of the chart and discovers that the pattern holds true.

Each girl is doing the same basic activity, but they are exploring and building skills at the level that’s best for them. Questions like, “What do you notice? What patterns do you see?” keep girls engaged and looking for new connections.

Have more questions? I would love to hear from you. Contact Kelli.