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Discover surprising patterns and connections that make math make sense



Think about math in new ways through art and real-world investigations



Kids learn with excitement and joy while doing the things they love best



Learn to think and reason like a mathematician as you build a growth mindset



Spark curiosity, excitement, and wonder through creative inquiry and play

math drawing


Drawings and images engage visual centers of the brain for deeper understanding

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Kelli is phenomenal. I brought my daughter because I was afraid she would have a fear of math like I did. She is soaring with math now! She absolutely loves it and can’t wait to see Kelli each week…Ephi Lu
(This program) has made math just come to life for our kids. The way in which Kelli describes and presents the math has dramatically improved math at our house. There is a lot less frustration and definitely more understanding! We love the games, math drawings, and simple “phrases” that make math make sense!Christy Swanson
My second grader enjoys these games so much he doesn’t realize he’s learning math! I wish his math homework could be this enticing and fun. Sheri Hostetler
I really liked the no-nonsense and practical approach that Kelli had in her exercises and games. Now my daughter is asking to play, and she’s actually learning her math in a way that really sticks with her.Christine Kohl-Zaugg
We just played one of the games from Miss Brain’s Cool Math Games. My son loved it! His math lessons right now are focused on money. He didn’t want to stop playing – we played three games and then I had to send him to bed.Jessica
We are so proud of the major jump up in math our daughter has shown this year with your help. Her confidence is the biggest improvement of all… Not all teachers are created equal…you are definitely one of the best.Jenni Salter
(This course) was an eye-opener for me. I’ve learned many new approaches to doing math with my son, and it’s helped me build inner confidence about math and like it more. Using pictures is such a powerful way to practice math. Kelli’s ideas of helping children learn are a must for parents struggling to help their kids with math. Ivan Murenzii
We are a homeschooling family, and have been using Miss Brain to supplement our math studies. I can’t say enough good things about it… The games are so engaging, my son doesn’t even realize that he is practicing his math skills.Lara Allen
My daughter was so proud of herself when she realized our game was teaching multiplication, because she got it! I can see with your teaching method that homeschooling would be possible. We didn’t butt heads once. 😃 THANK YOU! Janelle Thompson